“Pre-Purchase” Consulting  

For the person out there not quite finding that “perfect” home but finding one that’s close, Jim Scovell can help with questions you might have about how and how much it might cost to get the house to where you want it.  Jim will meet you at the home you are considering buying and share his opinion of the overall general condition of the house as well as the feasibility of and the possible cost of the your desired improvements.

During the one hour or so meeting, Jim is happy to walk you through what the cost of your ideas might be by providing a reasonably close ball-park range for the remodel.  This number, however, is based solely on historical data and past experiences. It is meant to simply give you an honest idea as to whether your potential projects are structurally feasible (most are), and within your budget before putting an offer in on a home.   Too many buyers purchase homes based on the false belief that they can thereafter add a room, remodel the kitchen or finish the basement for about half of what the true cost usually is.

With his 25 years of experience as both a Remodeler and a Residential Broker in the Real Estate industry, Jim’s approach to looking at a house is incredibly valuable and insightful. If you’d like to arrange to have Jim consult with you prior to purchasing a home, call our office at (816) 361-5959. The fee for this service is $125.