Kylie Brewer

As Jim Scovell’s daughter, Kylie has grown up in and around the company, developing a love for interior design through her constant exposure to the company’s projects.

A brief stint living in and being surrounded by the the incredible architecture of New Orleans coupled with three personal house remodels in Kansas City were enough to convince Kylie that she wanted to pursue a career involving homes. What she didn’t know at the time was how hard she’d fall for the business side of residential remodeling. So despite having always dreamed of being an interior designer, Kylie now leaves the designing to others, and focuses on the day to day management of the company.

Kylie runs the bookkeeping and partners with Jim to oversee the overall operations of the company. She’s most likely the first person you’ll talk to if you call the office, ready to discuss your remodeling plans and help you to walk through the Scovell Wolfe process. Her very favorite thing is bringing in a photographer at the end of a project. Nothing more satisfying than looking at Before and Afters!

Kylie has three children, Annie, Quig and Jimmy, with her husband John. And recently, in a moment of weakness, as though their house wasn’t full enough already, she let her kids adopt an abandoned black lab named Willie Nelson.